Saturday, January 24, 2015

I have moved to Erin Wilson Photography

My blog has moved!! Yay for new websites. :) You can find my new blog and website at Erin Wilson Photography. I'm providing wedding and lifestyle photography services to the River Valley Arkansas area including Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Clarksville, Russellville and Conway Arkansas.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Elsa the Snow Queen and a Baby Lion

So I'm about to get all sorts of sappy with you. I was a little emotional ball all day on Halloween. I kept it inside for the most part but I was SO happy all day that it was making me teary. This year I had TWO babies dressed up in costumes and it just really hit me that I get to do life with TWO kids. It's so awesome. My little babes were so perfect in that glowing light in their cute little costumes that I just had to be overkill and take a million pictures. Here are some of my favorites above. Penelope was Elsa of course. She'd been talking about it since the moving came out…she couldn't wait to dress like her for halloween. She happened to get her hair trimmed that afternoon and her stylist fixed her hair like Elsa for her. We even took fun snow pictures too. Penelope stayed in character all night especially when it got really cold she kept telling everyone she was sorry for making it so cold out. Now Emerson was a cute cuddly baby lion. I just wanted him to be warm, comfortable and snuggly so we went with something simple. I love that I get to pick for a few years at least. He loved his costume, he was chillin' all night.  We did some trick or treatin' at great grandparents and grandparents houses, a little around the neighborhood and then to a town safe treat event. Fun was had, candy was received (and now hidden high from little hands) and Penelope got to live out her dream of being Elsa for halloween. It was an amazing night to say the least.

Anyhow, these pictures make my heart swell. I love those two little kids so much.


Perfectly Messy Halloween Memories

For most big holidays you'll already know that we made decorated cookies…we have been for years. There are probably 10 posts at least about decorated cookies. Here's our little perfectly messy halloween mess from this year. It was like all the sudden it was the day before halloween and we hadn't gotten to them yet. We also never got around to carving our pumpkin. So trying to be super mom I scrambled and made the dough in the morning, chilled it all day, finished orders, made a post office run, made cookies right after school …cue the awesome mess above, squeezed in some home cooked dinner, pumpkin carving, pumpkin seed baking and then back to editing photos and getting orders out. Phew! My life is nuts right now. Perfectly crazy and busy and messy and I love it.

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our cookie adventure. I'll be posting the kiddos halloween costumes in just a few!

- Erin

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Banning Family | Clarksville Arkansas Photographer

Just in the midst of fall family sessions over here! I had two very FULL weekends for the last two weekends and now that November is approaching I have only this weekend for family sessions and then the following for a wedding, family and senior sessions and then it's on to Christmas and holiday sessions. People keep asking me how I'm doing all that I do and the answer is coffee and an awesome supportive husband and in-laws. Honestly I'm not one to sit around and watch television or do nothing…I always have to be doing something and I'd rather it be productive if anything.

Up above are photos from the Banning family from here in Clarksville Arkansas. They were SO fun and we laughed a lot during our session. It's been so fun meeting families with vibrant personalities and it makes my job so much easier when I can really capture their personalities in their photos. I have been loving meeting so many people in our new town and I'm blown away at how quickly I filled up with sessions. I had to start turning people away I am so full. Ah! Next year Emerson will be a little bigger and can handle some day care and I hope to be more available to everyone for the next fall season. I'm just so happy to be doing something I love and sending joy to everyone who books with me when I send them their finished galleries and packages of discs, prints and other goodies. It feels so rewarding.

You can see more of my photography work on my Facebook page Erin Wilson Photography.