Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nursery Before and After

I just wanted to share a few quick before and after photos of Emerson's room. It's INSANE how big of a difference just a little carpet cleaning and paint can make. I think one of the first things done was carpet cleaning (the entire house) and the we took down all the heavy drapery everywhere and it instantly started to look lighter in the house. Next we started priming everything and I started here in Emerson's room because I wanted his nursery to be finished and then moved on to Penelope's room. Once we finished painting his room it was clear how big of a difference all this paint was going to make in the entire house. There are only two more things we'll want to do in his room and those are to change out his light fixture and finish painting his closet doors. One day in the far away future we'll do all new flooring in the entire house but for now clean carpets will do.

I really don't think I need to do anymore explaining because well, you can just SEE the difference for yourself. I completely forgot how dark the house was until I went back to look at these photos. It's incredible.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Emerson's Nursery Tour

Well Emerson is one month old and I'm finally sharing his nursery tour. It was a crazy month before he was born buying our house, moving in, cleaning it out/painting everything and remodeling. We literally moved in just a few days before he was born and I finished his nursery (for the most part) in those few days. I was just set on getting it finished before his arrival to make our life easier.

I started shopping online and in stores months before he was born without knowing what kind of house we'd be living in or what his room would look like. I just had to pick little things within the theme and colors and feel I was going for. I have always loved pirates,oceans and all of that and I don't really know where it started exactly. It might have been when I was in high school and my grandpa took me sailing all summer long and I felt very pirate like. I just pretend pirates are not bad and focus on that *romantic* and *dramatic* side of pirates much like Pirates of the Caribbean. When I was shopping I knew I didn't want to be cheesy or too theme-like when you looked at the room as a whole. I wanted to keep his room simple and masculine so that we could change decor as he grows and starts to find his own likes. I stuck with black, white and gray with pops of blues and greens. His crib I kept simple with a white modern frame and a white bedding and decorated with animals and a gorgeous fur blanket and striped blanket. His changing table is one of my favorite parts because I love my three tiered basket. It's so handy to have everything right there by his changing pad.

Here are the details of his room:

Crib - Ikea
Artwork by Crib - The Black Apple
Striped Blanket - Lippy Brand
Mobile - Baby Jives
Dresser - South Shore
Whale Print on Shelves - Gingiber
Brass Whale - F Collective
Brass Ship - Vandrey Industries
Wooden Anchor - Smiling Tree Toys
Wooden Whale - Berkshire Bowls
Rug and Sheepskin - Ikea
Anchor Sweater - Target
4 Moms Mamaroo 

I just love his little space. Every time I walk in there I feel like it's fresh and bright and I just love getting him from his crib or changing him on his dresser. I hope to one day find the perfect chair to go in there for reading him stories before bed. I'm still looking for exactly what I want…we'll see. Tomorrow I'll share some great before and after photos of our room makeover.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

This past weekend was just so full and sooo good. Holidays with family are just better than holidays without. My sister and brother-in-law live about an hour away so they drove in Friday night to have a big 'Easter Day' on Saturday and then head back to spend Easter with just their little family on the actual holiday. We planned a full day Saturday of Easter egg hunting, egg dying, cookie decorating and a huge *Easter Fiesta* meal. Okay well that last part was my idea because I have a killer fajita marinade recipe that I wanted to try. Can I also just add how awesome it is to have a humongous table and dining room?! It was perfect being able to seat 10 people so easily. We even have extra bar counter top area that we can add a few bar stools to and an extra five seater table in our front room. Our house will soon be the *event and party* house if I can help it. So much space! So anyhow, we squeezed in as many Easter themed events as we could and the kids had a blast. Penelope was so into all the planning for the weekend. She had been talking all week long about everything we would do and even had me call my sister-in-law and ask her kids if they would bring dress up clothes to take fancy Easter pictures and they did. Penelope LOVES dressing up and picking out her own outfits theses days. She picked out her *Easter egg hunt* outfit the day before…boots and all and she had her fancy Easter dress picked out the week before that. She was SO ready. I even got Josh to jump in her photo shoot with me to get our first family photo of the four of us. I tear up a little when I look at it (you guys know why).

It was our first holiday with Emerson and there were just so many things I didn't think of like having TWO Easter baskets on my table that morning or FOUR people in my family photo. Sunday I was overwhelmed by emotions (and fatigue…which aided the emotions) and thankfulness. It was such a good weekend.

Also, I need to hide all the Easter candy now. Check out previous Easter holiday fun here and here.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Cookie Baking

This last weekend was so fun! I'm still going through hundred of photos because it was our first Easter (married) when we celebrated with family. We've always lived in another state away (or across the country) from our family during a holiday like this. I was really excited and went a little overboard in the picture taking area. I won't regret that 10 years from now though. I always think I should have taken MORE photos after every event even when I pull 700+ pictures off of my camera.

To break up the hundreds of photos from this weekend I thought I'd share a few photos from this weekend's cookie decorating party. I stayed up late Friday to bake cookies, decorate several for family, and set up a cookie decorating station for my niece and Penelope. Penelope gets super excited about baking together so she was on me all week about the cookie decorating. I used this recipe here for our Easter cookies.

Our weekend was SO full and SO much fun. I will share more photos tomorrow. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!


P.S. who had to restart their diet today from eating too much Easter candy? I'll admit…that's me, except replace Easter candy with Dr. Pepper. :/ I'm glad I'm not a candy person or I would have been in real trouble but Dr. Pepper…that's another story.