Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Before and After Studio Tour

I wanted to share a little up close and personal studio post with you.  I know that I shared a little tour via vlog last week but I wanted to share some more photos with those of you who didn't catch the studio tour on Gussy Sew's blog and share some before and after shots.

 On the back wall of the room there are two massive closets and cabinets (not pictured) that's where most of my supplies and inventory stay but above is a fun shot of the room when we first moved in (not very organized) and after the room was organized, cleaned and decorated. I'm currently looking for a small square shelving unit or cart that I can move around with me to fit between my desk and the wall beside my windows. That way I can have a little area for my printer and extra little supply bins.

 This before and after shot is the opposite side of the room.  I hope to add in another table space in the corner and replace my fabric covered table with a wooden desk (that I can paint in a pretty color) that has more drawers and more table space.  Knowing myself the colors and the wall decor will change quite frequently and I'd be more than happy to share the updates as I make progress.

 This is one of my favorite spots to look at in my new studio.  Mostly because of all the colors and of course my fun figurines.

My ever growing mini art wall.  Prints from The Black Apple, Paper Sparrow, My Little Buffalo and Skunkboy Creatures.

I just love this room.  It feels happy in there.  

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  1. It looks great now! Great job

  2. So cute. Makes me want my own studio!!

  3. I love your studio, it has a nice cozy boutique feel for it. I would spend so much time in there.

  4. LOVE it! It looks like a great place to be creative. I love the fringey garland above the window. Now I'm itching for my own even more!

  5. i don't think i've ever been more in love with a room before! wow! so lovely.


  6. it is so, so pretty!! i cannot wait until i have a studio. hopefully our next place! i really like the prints hanging from clothespins - that looks so cute!

  7. So so adorable! I would just die for a space like that :)

  8. Oh wow. That room looks amazing! ONE DAY I'll have a space like that for all my craft stuff!!!

  9. I love this space!

    ♥ sécia

  10. so jealous!

    New follower!

  11. I can't wait till we own a house so I can decorate my sewing room properly. Yours is adorable!

  12. hanging pictures from a string with clothespins is such a smart idea! I might do that to my own studio, and stop hanging my pictures with blue tape ;)

  13. So cute! One day I hope to have my own craft room, but until then my little craft nook with have to suffice :)

    Little Lady Little City

  14. beautiful workspace! i love your idea for what looks like embroidery hoops with things hung in them!

  15. Ohhh hello cute, perfect, wonderful work studio!!! I love the unicorns!!! Seriously.... they capture everything wonderful from my childhood!

  16. That window treatment is so fantastic! I love the idea :)

  17. i LOVE the fabric in the hoops with your jewelry on it! i have been looking for a pretty way to store my pins and brooches and i think that is so perfect!

  18. I am just dying over your blog right now. So adorable!!! And your little girl is a redhead?!?!? Oh I love love love it. (well, clearly). Thanks for sharing!
    Ramblings of Red

  19. I love your studio! I feel bright and happy just looking at it :) Which is good because it's rainy and gloomy outside. Love a good before and after shot too

  20. Oh my gosh, it looks absolutely amazing!! So inspiring! Thanks for sharing :) Love how bright it is and all the fun colors!

  21. It is seriously dreamy! So inspiring!

  22. your space is so inspiring! one of goals for 2012 is to get my supplies organized. Thanks for the tips!

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