Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Merry Fete // Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

adj. mer·ri·ermer·ri·est
1. Full of high-spirited gaiety; jolly.

1. A festival or feast.
a. An elaborate, often outdoor entertainment.
b. An elaborate party

 As I am still uploading every new item for the new fall collection (and there are still so many more items to go) I wanted to share a bit about what inspired me to create such a collection and the name behind it.  The collection itself is called "Merry Fete" which pretty much means 'A Happy Celebration' in which I believe everyday should be right?

I have been collecting thoughts and ideas about this collection for months now, sketching and collecting magazine clippings and saving pretty photos.  I have to say that I was single handedly  inspired by this wonderful flea market booth that I found.  It had the most lovely wall full of vintage hats and fascinators from the 1950's and 1960's.  It was that sparkling eye catching wall that intrigued me so much. I picked up each hat and studied it, I wondered where the previous owners of the beautiful hats wore these pretty hats to and I some how imagined this elaborate fancy Merry Fete.

I knew right then and there that I wanted to create a collection for the ladies that would also appreciate finding such a wall of rare and beautiful vintage hats.  I thought about what each pretty lady would do each day, what they would like to wear out for a day of errands, date night and maybe even a fancy party.  I wanted to create a collection of casual wears as well as special event accessories and jewelry.  So this collection is made just for you.

Over the next week I'm going to break down a few sections of the new collection and share some more photos and ways to style them.  I am so excited to see the last few months of ideas, sketches and thoughts come to life.  This fall collection has been my baby for months now and I'm just thrilled to see it all come together.  It was so difficult not to share little peeks and hints as to what I was really doing but I'm glad that I waited.  I hope you love the collection as much as I do. 

I hope that today you have a very Merry Fete...


  1. Awhh!! I love your dresses and headbands!! Sooo cute!

    Xo Chloe.

  2. those little velvet headbands are just it!

  3. SO pretty ! I love all the velvet - perfect for the holiday season :).

  4. Love the story behind your new collection :)

  5. ahhhhhh, i LOVE the red fastener with veil!!

  6. It is all so beautiful Erin!!! You are so creative! I love it!!

  7. love the bow headband - those are darling!


  9. Wow! This is absolutely amazing! I love it! I can tell you've put a lot of hard work into this. Well, it sure paid off!=)


  10. absolutely loving EVERY thing!
    Congratulations on the work <3
    love the headbands and bows.

  11. That purple headband is the best!

  12. WOW !!!!!! Cuter than cute!!!!!
    Fab and clever styling with your adorable models!!! Great words to go along with it!
    I think I like the add on bows the so reminds me of a vintage maternity dress I wore during both my pregnancies !

  13. it looks so fabulous! you've done an amazing job, missy!
    xox dana

  14. i really like the floral bow headband! it's a really nice floral pattern :)

  15. THose head pieces are awesome!


  16. I am drooling over those headbands!!

  17. Gorgeous!! I LOVE the yellow headbands!
    Congratulations on your new collection, it's beautiful :)

  18. These are such gorgeously styled shots <3 I particularly love the bow headbands, me wanty!!! :)

  19. what fun! i love your dresses and accessories! and so many mustard colored things! love!!!

  20. even the cupcake is really beautifull!

  21. I love your new fall collection!!

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