Thursday, September 22, 2011

Room Tour - Our Magical Fall Forest Bedroom

So I have a secret. The secret is...that I'm obsessed with fall.  I mean really obsessed.  Well, to my close friends and's no secret. To you, as readers, it may be (okay so maybe not after all the fall post I shared this week) ha.  Years ago my entire house used to be decorated in nothing but fall colors.  Then a friend came over (during fall time...she had never see my home before) and said 'awww I really love all your fall decorations.'  She actually thought I pulled out a big bin from of the attic that said 'fall' and purposely decorated for the season.  She had no idea that it was my year long decor. So I thought, it *may be* a little over-kill for my entire house to be dedicated to one season. For the past few years I've slowly weaned myself off all-over woodland forest fall all over the house and have stuck to one room, mine and Josh's room (bad grammar there).  Our room is a magical fall forest wonderland. With the first day of fall coming tomorrow I thought there was no better way to celebrate then showing you a part of my world. May come as a surprise, being that my blog, shop and the rest of my home are so perfectly pretty and colorful but this room is a little piece of my magic heart. Its my magical fall forest. 

 In our room we have tons of vintage finds (actually it's an ever-growing collection) and one of them is this pretty mushroom stand that I picked up from a flea market a couple of years ago.  I love to use it as a catch-all.  Actually I encourage Josh to use it as his catch-all for his cuff links, pocket watches, bow ties and other manly type things. Not everything really ends up there but I try.

 The quilt was a gift from my grandma a couple of years ago. Completely handmade by one of my favorite people in the world (she reads my blog too and I love her so much). Hi Grandma!! She'll be tickled to read this.  So not only is the quilt so perfectly's so very special to me.  I found the chevron throw at a thrift store in the past few months and I knew it was so perfect for our room.  I think it's what completes it. I'm still on a never ending hunt for the perfect fixtures and art for our magical fall wonderland.  The furniture in our room as a wedding gift from Josh's parents and although we love mid-century modern furniture this set is so very special to us and we hope to keep it for as long as we can.  We are just renting this home for now, in-case one day our family grows we'd like to have the option to look for a larger home but right now it's so perfect for us.  We have the option to paint but to make it easier on us we only chose to paint one room.  The house already came with tan and gray walls so we have worked around them.  This room was already gray but I somehow never really notice it.  I think it's because the room is so very warm and cozy already it just seems to fit.

So I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into my world.  It was requested to share more of my home from the blogging poll I took a few weeks ago and I would love to share more peeks of it as we finish unpacking (yes we're still unpacking...shame on us) and decorating.  I'm still working on other parts of our house, making curtains, thrifting pretty things and putting it all together.  It's a work in progress but I promise to share more of our home as I get there.

Happy Autumn!!



  1. I love all the 'shroom details and autumn colours. Beautiful!

  2. Your room is so magical!!!! I love it!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Omg your room is AMAZING - every last detail is perfect. Love it x x

  4. I love it! especially the owls. So cute :)

  5. You room is beautiful! Love the colors and decorations. So perfect!

  6. So cute! my favorite was the wooden owl. I wants it!

  7. Love the seventies vibe.

    ♥ sécia

  8. Argh, you have my mushroom canisters!!! ;] I hunt for those canisters every time I go thrifting, and rarely ever find them. And when I do, they never have their lids! So, I'm jealous.

    I love your room. It's so cozy. I'm like you, I tend to lean towards the Autumn colors the most. They're just so pretty!

    Hope you're having a lovely day,
    xo, Allie

  9. A Magical Fall Forest- I adore the cozy look & the cool theme!

  10. Oh my! I love your decor! So beautiful :)

  11. love it! fall is my favorite season too :)

  12. I love it please come decorate my house!

  13. What beautiful blankets. Your bedroom is so pretty!!

  14. Very pretty. I love all details and the colors are so lovely.

  15. LOVE! I am currently working on our room, its a hot mess of just STUFF right now. This inspired me! Thanks!

  16. love your wall color! I'm feeling very inspired!

  17. Oh my gosh! So pretty. That looks like so much fun. xo, rv

  18. If I had my way, my house would definitely look the same! I love your owl and mushroom accents, and there is no better color palette than one with all those warm, autumn colors!


  19. I love Autumn too!! I'm in love with your bedroom! Beautiful and inspiring! xx

  20. The perfect fall room! Love it!

  21. beautiful embroidery work!! Love the owl pillow
    And Fall, is definatly a season to be obsessed with :) I've discovered my love for fall colors this year too. They are just so pretty.


  22. GOTTA have a bedroom like that!
    That's what I call Atmosphere!

  23. omg i love MUSHROOMS and OWLS!!! i love your fall bedroom! inspired to re-decorate mine now!!

  24. The last photo, of the mushroom containers, my Grandma had those EXACT containers. That really brought me back seeing those.

  25. I love your year-round fall decor :) Makes everything more cozy! I can only imagine it would make the summer more bearable as well :)

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