Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Styling Tips - with Sarah

Hello SAC readers! Sarah here, and I’m so excited to share my first fashion post here on the Sunshine and Carousels blog! Today we’re styling the Miss Margaret headband.. This is one of my absolute favorite pieces from the Merry Fete collection and I wear mine all the time! Statement pieces like this are a great springboard for styling something extra magical from pieces that are already in your closet.

Be a little Modern Bohemian …
Wearing the Miss Margaret headband horizontally (hippie style) around your head, like I tend to, is such a lovely throw-back to the good old 70’s. To capture a modern bohemian vibe, I layered a crochet tunic over my purple tights, but paired it with simple nude flats to keep this outfit from looking like I was dressing up as a hippie for Halloween! I’m not a huge fan of fashion that makes me feel like I’m wearing a costume. The headband and tunic give this look a vintage feel, while the shoes keep it in this decade.

What I’m Wearing: Tunic from Aerie, Tights from Target, Pointed-Toe Flats from Old Navy, Headband - Sunshine and Carousels

Be Ladylike…

Miss Margaret is a lady, after all. To style this headband with a fancier look, start with neutral staple pieces, like this high-waisted skirt and silk blouse, and add a pop of color with brightly colored tights. The tights and headband give this look something special and fun, while the blouse and skirt keep it wearable. Finish it off with a pair of simple heels!

From my Closet: Skirt from BCBG, Silk Blouse from Urban Outfitters, Tights from Target, Headband - Sunshine and Carousels

There you have it! Statement accessories are one of the best ways to stretch your wardrobe and style new outfits from what’s already in your closet! I was a huge Sunshine and Carousels groupie even before I began working with Erin…her stuff is beautiful, unique, and wearable!

Thanks for stopping in! It was so nice to meet you! My personal blog will be launching later this month, so keep your eyes peeled!

Love from the newest Sunshine Girl,

(photos by Erin)


  1. So pretty! I really like how Miss Margaret looks great with both looks. So tempted to try a modern bohemian look myself. ^_^

  2. I love that first look!! So simple + pretty!!!

  3. Love the headband. Great post!