Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mermaid Party

 I look forward to throwing Penelope's birthday party all year long. I have it set in my mind that I will try to make her each and every birthday as special as I possibly can. Josh and I aren't sure if we'll be able to have more children so I try to cherish each birthday (and every moment of course) and celebrate as grand as we can, within reason. This year was the first year she actually picked out her own theme. She is obsessed with The Little Mermaid, because ' Ariel has red hair like me' she says. So she told me she wanted a mermaid party with a *real sea.* I knew the task ahead of me but still couldn't let my artistic eye let me break down and head to party city and fill my basket with trite Disney party decor. I just had to make a non-cheesy mermaid party that wouldn't make me cringe but would still be approved by the ultimate decider, Penelope.

I decided to take the pretty route with her party but still have those enchanting touches and a couple of quirky (very *me*) details. The biggest thing was that she kept asking us for a *real sea.* We obviously knew sand, water and real fish would be out of the question. We may be willing to do a lot for her but not crazy things like bringing in sand into the house. ha. We decided to create a 'sea like' experience by hanging tons of green and blue crepe paper streamers like waves from our living room ceiling and then hang dangling gold glitter fish and starfish in between the waves. This way it felt like you were actually *in the sea.* We made a huge tissue paper mermaid scale wall behind the dessert table and filled the house with pearl white balloons (or bubbles if you will). 

 Her dress is from this cute etsy shop.  I'm completely in love with it and so is Penelope.

I guess it was every mermaid-loving-girl's dream because she was so happy.

I wish I could throw parties every weekend. That would be the life.

"Under the sea,
Under the sea,
Darlin' it's better,
Down where it's wetter,
Take it from me..."
(Sebastian from The Little Mermaid)



  1. Amazing! What a lucky girl, having such an imaginative mother!

  2. She is getting so big and grown up, I could almost swear she celebrated her 4th birthday but she looks more like 10 in that lovely, sophisticated dress. What a pretty little mermaid she is!

  3. WOW! Can you please decorate for my parties???

  4. What a great party! You're a very talented lady.

  5. Wow this is amazing!!

  6. Oh my goodness, this is amazing!! So lovely & creative. :) Happy birthday, Penelope!!

  7. That party looks awesome! I seriously can't wait to have kids. Having an event coordinator for a mum means their birthdays are bound to be loads of fun.

  8. she's a lucky girl! happy birthday!
    great idea and picts!

    ciao from italy!

  9. incredible, absolutely precious and a great theme. What a lucky, gorgeous little girl!


  10. She is so pretty! Beautiful party decorations, so fun.

  11. Erin, It looks amazing! I love seeing Penelope's birthday parties. You're doing a great job, Mama! Love you!

  12. What a great way to incorporate mermaids?! Love the backdrop to the dessert station. Everything is just so pretty! I'm sure she loved it!!

  13. So cute and unique! I love it--especially the backdrop. Great job!

  14. if I have a girl, i will do a mermaid theme party for sure.

  15. So pretty! Such a lovely take on the theme, in contrast to the usual, Disney overload mermaid parties :)

  16. seriously amazing! you are soo crafty girl!!

  17. Now I want to have a Mermaid party! I'm so glad you went with a pretty party idea! It looks so tasteful and grown up but with the perfect amount of whimsy and cute for her little girl heart. Congrats on having a beautiful girl who is now 4. She's adorable!

  18. Wow! She is one lucky little girl! Everything looked beautiful! Such great ideas! When I was little I used to pretend to be Ariel or Jasmine...LOL I still love Disney

  19. Hello World's Best Mother!!!!
    This looks AH-MAZING Erin!!! I love it all and I am positive that Penelope had a blast and felt like a princess all day ((I sure would!!)).

  20. This came out sooo amazing! I love mermaids and I just think this theme is awesome!

  21. You are the best party thrower ever! And Penelope is too cute. Love that dress! And i spy seahorses :)

  22. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.

  23. So adorable, she's gorgeous!xxxx

  24. absolutely gorgeous...maybe i'm biased but all mermaids should be redheads :)

  25. What a great party, makes me wish I had a daughter! x

  26. This is my sister's favorite theme. It's sweet, colorful and just suits a kid's innocence. Glad to be exploring the net and found great Little Mermaid birthday party ideas like this. THis is going to be my niece's party theme next year. yehey <3 God bless always! I would love to pin some photos from this post hope it's find with you.

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