Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marshmallow Macaroons

1 cup of powdered sugar
1 cup of almond flour (or one cup of finely ground blanched almonds with one teaspoon of flour)
3 large egg whites
pinch of salt
pinch of cream of tarter
1/4 cup of fine sugar
1/4 teaspoon of almond extract
1/3 cup of marshmallow fluff

1/3 cup of marshmallow icecream topping

Beat your eggs and salt (best at room temperature) until frothy, add cream of tarter and beat until white with soft peaks...slowly mix in fine sugar and beat until you have stick peaks. My mixer (kitchenaid mixer) I beat on high for 2-4 minutes checking the peaks often. Don't over beat because your meringue will not stick.

In a seperate bowl sift your almond flour and powdered sugar together. Add this mixture into your meringue and fold in with a spatula. The mixture will be grainy and paste-like. Add almond flavor and fold as well. Place all of your mixture into a large piping back or gallon size ziploc bag and cut one small corner. Pipe out quarter size rounds onto a baking pan covered in parchment paper.  Let this sit for 20-25 minutes and heat your oven to 375 degrees.

Once your macarons have set place them in the oven and turn your oven to 325 degrees. Bake for 10 minutes rotating your pan halfway through. For each additional pan be sure to turn your oven back up to 375 degrees.

Combine your two marshmallow (the topping and the fluff) stir until nice and blended. This is what I used as the filling. You can also try just the marshmallow ice cream topping if you want. I think that work just fine if you don't want to buy both. 

Let your macaron disks cool slightly then remove from parchment paper and place on cooling racks. Choose two like sized macaroon disks and fill with a marshmallow filling then sandwich together.




  1. these look great! it's on my life list to successfully make macaroons! don't mind if i bookmark this! =)

  2. Oh these look scrumptious! Like everyone else, I've been dying to bake macarons! I just need to do it even though I am terribly intimidated. Haha. Thanks for sharing the recipe Erin! :)

  3. These look amazing. I love seeing what culinary creations you will come up with next.


  4. ahh! marshmallow macaroons?
    these look beautiful, must try these.

  5. Sounds lovely, and I think that little pink plate is just gorgeous!

  6. you amaze me! i STILL have to to try a macaroon! these are so lovely!

  7. These look so perfect! I've been dying to FINALLY try to make macaroons, but I never get around to it. These just seem so simple. This may very well be just the inspiration I need ;)

  8. I tried making macarons this weekend for the first time. They are not as easy to make as they seem! while the taste was there the overall look of mine was quite atrocious

  9. so great i had to share it today :)