Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear April

 Dear April,

There are three blog events I promise you.

1. I will share a post about body insecurities.

2. I will give this blog a brand spankin' new makeover.

3. I will change this blog's name. (gasp!)

 So why all the change and what the heck is the deal with that weird art piece pictured above? On my quest to share real life moments and deeper blog content I feel like I'm starting over, wiping the slate clean, peeling off my old skin (artwork pun) and just starting fresh. To me the best way to start fresh is by an old fashioned makeover look, new name and and open heart. When I was thinking about starting over fresh I kept thinking about this art piece I did in high school. We were assigned a piece about shedding off old skin. (also it's okay to laugh at this art piece's hideousness because I totally did and I'm absolutely making fun (in a good way) of myself because it's so awesomely bad) At the time of this art assignment I understood what my teacher wanted (mind you I was about 16 when I did this) even if I'd never really experienced this type of metaphor for my life at the time. When I was starting the piece I thought I wanted to make the girl's skin underneath green to resemble new growth, fresh leaves, spring. I thought if you're peeling off an old worn skin shouldn't it be fresh and alive underneath? Now I've had this piece stuck up in a portfolio for years now and it's got junk stuck to it and it's dirty and old but I kept thinking about this piece from way back when and I was actually starting to feel like the girl/woman in that picture, I am breaking down barriers and looking at life with new perspective. It makes me think of that old saying:

"April Showers
May Flowers"

I'm full of metaphors today so bear with me. I think we all go through times where we feel like you have to weather the storm to bloom like a flower. I want the blooming part to start.  I feel a lot of hope lately, I can't tell if it's that I'm being pumped with tons of hormones through all these fertility treatments or what. I'm all sappy today but it feels good. I started a fresh notebook this weekend with some blogging ideas, I planned out some crafty DIY projects, recipes, mocktail recipes, some 'living in color' posts and a slew of new stuff. I hope you'll bear with me through all changes because what I hope to achieve is a medley of old style posts with new content.

So April, I'm glad you've arrived because I want to make lots of changes while you're here. Okay?



  1. Sounds good to me! Enjoy the process

  2. Change is good! I'm gonna do a big change when I restart my life June 1st! I'm so excited! I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world! I'll be here reading the new blog too!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the direction you'll be taking your blog. I'm sure it will still be wonderful. :)

  4. So your green freshstart lady of course reminded me of the hulk... it just happened :) But I'm going somewhere with that. It takes a lot of guts and strength to pull off that old dead stuff and reveal the bright new stuff underneath. A lot more strength to pull it off and start over than to just keep hanging out in whatever place you are. So, go green baby. Go green :)

  5. The hulk!! That cracks me up. Soo good.

  6. I can't wait to see the fresh changes you will be making!! I am sure it is going to be lovely!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

  7. I'm so glad for you. You sound happy and that makes me happy. Can't wait to see how things go.

  8. I actually like that art piece. And April is a good month! You go girl!