Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Okay so I kill, like, every plant I ever try to grow. I really really really want to be good at gardening and growing simple plants in and around our home but I'm so bad at it. I have a feeling that this year is the year. I'm taking action and I'm planting stuff. (crossing fingers too) Every year for about 6-ish years now I've tried to plant fresh herbs. I start with small pots inside and then I end up going out of town for too long without watering them and then they die. So this year I planted some fresh herbs in our yard in an empty flower bed. Penelope actually helped me do it all too. I can't even begin to explain how pumped I am to see things actually growing in the yard now. I feel like a real adult. ha. Don't know why that makes me feel like more of an adult than, I don't know, raising a child...but you know. So seriously now, I want these herbs to grow!! I cook with fresh herbs a lot and I'd love to not have to go any buy a ton all the time. So grow little herbs grow! 

Yes, I'm saying that with enough force to deserve an exclamation point. 

 Now these plants are Penelope's responsibility. I planted a small azalea bush in a large pot and some pink and purple petunias in another and these are her responsibility to water and take care of. She actually get's excited about watering them and it's nice to see her take care of something like that. Starting small on the responsibility chart now.  We've been doing a lot of project together lately. Ever since I had my big health scare I just started really changing a lot of things we do around our house. I've tried to step back on some of my extra curricular activities, not doing many craft shows and attempting to be more careful with my time. This all helps me de-stress and spend as much quality time with Josh and Penelope as I can. It's been really helpful on the de-stressing side. I feel accomplished when I do things like start and herb garden. It's just as satisfying as running my own business. I like the new changes we've been making around these parts. Next on my list is organizing my house from top to bottom (dun dun dunnnn). Not my favorite thing to do but that's real life y'all.

I have a lot of big plans (for family life) for the summer. For the last couple of years since running my own handmade business I put a lot of things that I really wanted to do aside so that I could take my business to the next step. I hate to say that getting really sick and being faced with the chance of cancer made me change my priorities a little but it did. I wish it didn't just have to be that that took me to the place that I'm at. I've always spent time with Josh and Penelope of course, cooked, cleaned and did all the normal things but there were a lot of things I put on the 'if only I had more time I'd...' kind of list.  The two biggest things that stick out to me when I think about the things that I put aside to work more were having a monthly or bi-weekly date night with Josh. We just get so busy we don't take a lot of time to go out just the two of us. I really want to go on dates more. Another things is having a weekly craft/learning time with Penelope. Not just once a week, maybe a few times a week, before she starts school in the fall. Not only to I want to just spend more time with her but I want to get a head start on school. I also want to make sure that Penelope and I go on 'girl dates' more often as well. But, gardening is a start to all the 'things I want to do if I had more time' and I hope to start crossing some more of that list. Okay, so does anyone have any gardening tips for me?  I know nothing. Except what I google. :)

Have a fantastic day!



  1. My first tip for you is that those are petunias, not pansies. ;-)~

  2. My partner is quite the garden and always sets up my garden nicely, got loads growing at the moment and some clematis growing up the posts of the pagoda which we started growing last year but it was late summer so it "died" pretty quick but it started sprouting again around february and doing well :D

  3. yay, that's great! i LOVE having fresh herbs growing in our backyard. i usually buy them from my local farmers' garden, already potted & growing. it's more fool-proof! i just stopped at lowe's to get a bunch of indoor plants.. i am all about having more green indoors right now. good luck!!

  4. I'm the wrong person to ask about gardening advice because i kill every plant i buy as well. I still bought some flowers this year and so far after about 2 weeks, they're still alive! I saw a miracle grow commercial on tv yesterday and they said their soil was guaranteed to grow things. Maybe try their brand of potting soil?

  5. People always look like I'm nuts when they hear me whine about not having a garden. For me, it's THE thing to feel accomplished. Don't know what it is ...I guess it's the responsibility behind it???...I just think it's so peaceful and hard work but still so SO cool.


    anyway...all your plans sound so nice and it's great reading these personal posts. You seem so much happier now. that's awesome!

    I don't want to brag (ok....just a tiny bit maybe?) I have a real green thumb and if you ever need any tip...feel free to ask me. :)

    Ps.. Love that side ponytail and that smile on your girl. she is such a pretty girl!

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