Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Inside Picnic

A couple of weeks ago Penelope asked to go on a family picnic but it happened to be a little less than desirable outside that weekend so I told her we'd have an 'inside picnic' that weekend. It didn't exactly happen and she's been asking me about it ever since.  Now, I don't cave into all the four-year-old requests. I mean, a new pony and a castle are out of the question of course but sometimes I do cave on the little things. Call me weak. So as promised I provided our family with an inside picnic which essentially was just making picnic like food and throwing a blanket over the table. It happened to turn out quite adorable and I wasn't even trying so I snapped a few pictures while I took some pictures of a new beverage recipe I made. We don't normally have a picture perfect dinner table, don't want to fool you or anything but we do fun things like this occassionally. We had a big time at our little family picnic. It was sweet. After dinner we went outside for a 'porch date' and a walk around the neighborhood. Man Spring weather is the best. I hope that when we get older we can look back at photos of little things like this and cherish 'the good ole days.'

 Sparkling Berry Lemonade (recipe coming tomorrow)

We had fresh cantaloupe, olive hummus with cucumbers (recipe coming soon), turkey and spinach sandwiches on wheat and sliced avocados with our sparkling berry lemonade. All the picnic feel and none of the bugs. So nice. And surprisingly pretty.



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  2. I've seen your blue and gold plate in many photos, I just adore it! Is it vintage or Anthro?

  3. Sherry - It's not vintage and I can't remember exactly where I got it but I'm thinking it was anthropology. Would have been three to four years ago though. :)

  4. absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see both recipes and will definitely be trying the lemonade!


  5. Yum. I got to get me some cantaloupe. I wish there was hummus here in Switzerland...well at least I havn't seen any. I will need to look. I don't trust myself to make any.

    I love those glasses and can't wait for the sparkling berry lemonade recipe. Ill be looking for it!

  6. this is such a cute idea!
    i love picnics, and with this beautiful weather we've been having over here, I will definitely be having an outside picnic soon (:

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