Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Living in Color - Orange

 It's been awhile since I've blogged about 'Living in Color' which is essentially just a simple little blog series about all the colorful things in and around us. Today I'm posting an orange collection. We have a lot of orange in our bedroom, you can see a room tour here. I didn't even grab anything orange from our room today...I found some orange everywhere else. I have bundles of interesting orange vintage dishes, orange craft supplies and my sewing box as well, one of my most cherished thrifted finds is the oval felt artwork and last but not least our Beach Boys 'Endless Summer' record.

I hope you're having a great week so far. I'm getting really caught up on work in the office at the moment. I'm on a mission to get ahead as much as possible before mid-May because I'm doing one surprise festival show (I'll share more on that later) and then heading down south to visit family for graduations and a wedding shower. I even want to work on a few new designs or a mini-collection for summer but I want to make sure I'm ahead of schedule with the shop before I venture into new territory.

Anyhow, what's your favorite color to keep around you in your home?

What would the world be without color? Really now?



  1. I really love purple in our home! We have a big purple wall its lovely!

  2. this is such a gorgeous collection of orange things... i love those tulip and butterfly mugs!! xx

  3. I love this, all the oranges look beautiful together.

    Most things in my flat are lime green, but I'm slowly introducing pink without my boyfriend noticing! :D

    teaforowls.blogspot.co.uk xox

  4. those mugs are ADORABLE. great pick!


  5. Good stuff! Love those tulip mugs and that piece of framed art!