Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neon Black - An Outfit

I'm still getting over my fear of being in front of the camera (hence the awkward posing). I bought this dress recently because I loved the colors. It's a bit neon, bright and colorful. I like all of those things. I love stripes but because of my body type I'm always a little apprehensive wearing them but I'm glad that this dress worked out. I decided to pair my neon dress with a simple black cotton cardigan. I kind of like the neon against the black. I may try this dress with a different cardigan, jacket or undershirt next time.

I hope I get over all my nervousness about being in photos soon because it's quite nerve racking. I really love fashion. I never talked about fashion too much in the past because I never wanted to draw any attention to what I wore or what I looked like. I frequently browse fashion magazines, read fashion blogs, watch the occasional fashion show on television (when I get a free moment) and I just love it. Doesn't mean I'm awesome at my own fashion, just means I love it.  Anyhow, I hope to share more outfits in the future and what fashion trends I'm loving. I think it's fun to see what people/bloggers wear because it helps show their personality more (and to get good ideas).

Dress/Old Navy - Cardigan/Old Navy - Shoes/Unsure(had them for years) - Necklace/Hive&Honey

Hope you're having a great week. I have a handful of fun posts coming today and for the next few days. See you then. 



  1. Hi erin :) I just started following your blog , and i love it. I have the same body type as you and growing up with my grandmother she forbid me to wear stripes, neons, anything with buttons..and now that im old enough to decide for myself its is still taking me years to get my mindset out of the "safe" clothes, black, stretchy pants, ect.. but im slowly doing it and having fun with it, and this post just inspired me to be even more brave with my fashion choices!


    Have a great day :)

  2. I can honestly say that sharing my outfits has helped me be more confident in myself! It took me a while to warm up to the camera but now I don't mind! Now if I were to take outfit pictures in public that would be a different story ;)

  3. You are GORGEOUS. Seriously. I have been a fan of your blog a long time, and it is refreshing and inspiring to see this vulnerable side of you. You are going to be a rock for so many women.

  4. I love that dress!!!!! You look fabulous and your hair is AMAZING!! Way to rock that outfit!

  5. Oh I love that dress! You look so fab in bright colors! I can only agree with my fellow commenters.....your hair is SO pretty. Do you do anything to get those bit of locks done...or are they just like that?

    I'm always shy at wearing color or stripes....always...I own one striped shirt..haha...and the only bright color I own is bright red....for some reason I'm really good with red...everything with multiple colors always seems so intimidating though. Love the outfit :)

    You look fab girl, really. *hugs*

  6. Rock the stripes! You look beautiful!!

  7. I absolutely adore your blog. You look amazing!! I'm just now beginning to really find my style at 29. My twenties has literally been spent having babies, 4 of them! So now that they are getting somewhat more self sufficient I am really trying to not have the frumpy mom look. You are so inspiring and I'm so glad I found your blog!!

  8. You ladies are the sweetest!!

    JulieBGreen- I say no to the frump mom! I always told myself (before I had Penelope) that I would not become one of *those* moms. I still struggle a bit honestly.

    Classic Kate, Sabring and Mel - Thanks for the sweet compliments about my hair. I don't do anything but curl it with a curling iron. :)

  9. I actually like the straps of your shoes a lot, wish I could see more of them. Overall this outfit looks so fun and comfortable. :) I'm with you, I love fashion but hardly consider myself any kind of fashionista which is why I don't share much of my own wardrobe either. I'm working on that too. :)

  10. You look great! And this is exactly how I am, totally fashion conscious in my mind but not so great at delivering it in real life! :) You're way ahead of me, judging from that outfit!

  11. Love your outfit, you look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  12. Oh my goodness, you're an inspiration! I absolutely love the neon black!

  13. such a cute dress! I love the colors too :)

  14. Marylin - I wish I'd have taken more photos of the shoes too. They are wedges (cork wedges) with pretty black straps. I didn't think of it when I was taking photos. Sorry! Next time for sure.

  15. I love that dress and your hair is absolutely so pretty.

  16. I looooooove your dress Erin! The colors are fantastic! You have incredible fashion sense!

  17. Ohhh Erin!! Just wanted to tell you that I am so so proud of you and think you are just plain ol' awesome!! You look beautiful!! LOVE the dress!! So so fun!!!

    XO Jenny

  18. seriously, you are absolutely beautiful! I want a neon striped dress!


  19. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but you have SUCH a lovely face, and some pretty fab hair!

  20. Erin, These colors look fabulous on you! And by the way, cute shoes too. I used to be a shoe-a- holic (way back in my much younger days), these days I tend to go for comfort for myself, but that does not mean I cannot appreciate a cute shoe when I see it.

  21. You look gorgeous Erin! The dress is perfect on you!

  22. can i tell you much I LOVE that we get to see your pretty face? I mean i loved all your diys, and your product updates and everything, but I love getting to know you and seeing the real you.

    and i think you're gorgeous, lady. mean it!

  23. Thank you thank you everyone! Y'all are making it much easier to share more of myself. Love you all!

    Erika-thanks so much. I'm working on letting down the walls and trying to blog purely. It's refreshing and therapeutic to say the least.

  24. You are so pretty! Really. And I would happily accept any larger size clothes you'd ever want to part with.

  25. You are so cute!!! Love this dress!!!

  26. You look great in stripes! Rock on! :)

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  28. I just love the colour combination of your excellent outfit....I like the way you carry this dress with so much simplicity and are really looking very good in this dress..!!

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