Monday, June 4, 2012

7 Days

In seven days I...

Hung decor in our newly arranged living room.

Planted succulents in some vintage planters.

Moved Josh's music area to a new room. We need to find a new place for Bob.

Accidentally let my favorite paint brushes crust over with acrylic paint.

Listened to that song five times. Been out for so long and I still love it.

Took a coffee break and read magazines.




  1. I still love that song so much too :).

  2. pretty succulents!! have you heard edward sharpe's new album? it is so joyful, i LOVE it!

  3. I did that too with my paint brushes just recently! Grrrr
    Also, I agree with Megan! The new edward sharpe album is really good.

  4. I love this 7 day post series you are doing! You take such beautiful photos! I am obsessed with is really easy to get starts off of them, so now I have several tucked all around our home!

  5. ooooh that song...that is my favorite song. What's SO weird about this is that I heard that song in my dream last night after I hadn't listened to it in awhile. Spooky...

  6. Wall decor and succulents make for quite a day! that wall decor is pretty! oh, and I always accidentally let my brushes dry with paint on them.