Monday, August 19, 2013

This Summer...

This summer has been insane and endless. I feel like we fit in so many things this summer it doesn't seem possible. I've been quiet the last few weeks because I was in western New Hampshire at camp for two weeks and then my mother and sister came to visit before and after those two weeks. So many good and crazy things have happened this summer I can barely believe it. Penelope doesn't start school for a couple more weeks. In fact, she doesn't start until the day I leave for Renegade Chicago so that will be tricky to figure out. We are still soaking up the last days of summer and enjoying a few more warm days before we experience our first New England fall.

During our summer days we went explored all over the place in New England. We went up to Maine, dipped down in Massachusetts a ton. We went to Rockport, Newburyport, Portsmith, Wellesley, Concord, Salem and so many other places. I have folders full of photos and tons of things to blog I am just now finally finding the energy and time to blog. I saw my first light house. Met some blogger friends (Lindsay and Moriah). Of course there was that time we went to Disney World. Lots of family came to visit. I feel so lucky. Now that we are starting to settle down and life is starting to see some routine I'm ready to get in the blogging groove and work on some fun DIY's, catch up on some Brunch Days and Fancy Fridays and work on new blogging fun.

What's the most fun thing you did this summer?

(Photos from York Beach in Maine)


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