Friday, March 14, 2014

House Progress

Today is the day! We move into our new house (even though it's only halfway made over at the moment and boxes are still hanging about. It's completely livable and brighter and more beautiful than the day we bought it. It's been a crazy six weeks since we moved to Arkansas. The last month we've been working non-stop on painting, cleaning and unpacking. It's actually been really nice to not have to live in the house during it all because we can just work for hours and then turn it off and relax when we go back to my in-laws. There's been even more work done since I took these photos a few days ago. More boxes have been unpacking, curtains hung, shelves hung, lightbulbs changed and so on. It's just crazy to think that this house was dark and gloomy and dungeon like. I look forward to when we can share real before and after photo shots because the transformation is insane and it's a little elbow grease and paint.

Things that are still on our list to finish the next few days before this baby comes are switching out electric receptacles and light switches to pretty white ones, hanging all of our curtains, hanging Penelope's shelves and decorating her room and tons of cleaning. My parents and one of my sisters are going in town for the arrival of Emerson and then more family to come over the next few weeks. I may try to convince everyone to help us finish renovations while I heal. What's family for right?

Things we want to work on after the baby is born:

- making new shelves and painting our kitchen pantry
- sanding and painting ALL of the cabinets in our kitchen and bathrooms
- re-sealing our kitchen and bathroom countertops
- possibly changing out some sinks and toilets to white (instead of green and blue)
- possibly re-sealing bathtubs
- making a bit of a covered and adorable patio
- re-sanding and finishing a gorgeous ten seater dining room table someone gave us for FREE!
- priming and re-finishing thrifted and free chairs to go around the new dining room table
- unpacking, organizing and decorating my office space

And really…the list could go on but that's a good start. I am looking forward to all the changes. It's been incredibly fulfilling to see the transformation and to know we put a lot of hard work into OUR home. Cause, we're all grown up and own a home now right?! Ha.

Can't wait to share al the finished rooms with you. It's been so fun.



  1. It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do, your house looks so bright and has such character, your dining room table is beautiful.

  2. Wow, you've made such great progress already! Congrats on moving into your new home! xxx

  3. It is so pretty!! I love how bright + airy it is!! I can't wait to see what other improvemnts you will be making!! xoox

  4. Yes, please let your family assist with house projects! Looking forward to seeing more photos of the house, but I can wait!

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